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A Solid Knowledge of Video Poker


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When you start playing video poker, it may seem like there’s too much to remember. But once you form a solid foundation with a Jacks or Better strategy chart, learning the rest becomes easier.

Below is a simplified strategy chart that, I follow a good payback if correctly done.  

1. Keep a Royal Flush

2. Keep a Straight Flush

3. Keep a Four of a Kind

4. Keep 4 Cards to a Royal Flush

5. Keep a Full House

6. Keep a Flush

7. Keep a Straight

8. Keep a 3 of a Kind

9. Keep 4 Cards to a Royal Flush

10. Keep 2 Pairs

11. Keep a High Pair Aces to Jacks

12. Keep 3 Cards to a Royal Flush

13. Keep 4 Cards to a Flush

14. Keep a Low Pair 2s to 10s

15. Keep 4 Cards to an Outside Straight

16. Keep 2 Unsuited High Cards

17. Keep Suited K 10

18. Keep Suited Q 10

19. Keep Suited J 10

20. Keep 1 High Card

21. Discard Everything – If you don’t have any of the hands / cards above, then draw for 5 new cards.

When reading the chart start at the top and scan down until you find your hand. This is helpful for when you can form 2 or more hands, and you need to figure out which is the most important.

These tips will give you a better chance at earning long term video poker profits, or at least close to it.

Overall, don’t forget to have fun with video poker and the journey that it takes to become a good player. As always Stay Safe and God Bless Us All

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What you will learn from the books and games is that you STILL won't win at Video Poker. BUT, you will probably last longer than if you had played YOUR way. I've played hundreds of this game following THEIR recommended strategy and I keep losing. More slowly than if I had played my way, though. 

I followed their suggestions for "Best Play" for hundreds of hands and did more losing than winning. Many of their "Best Play" hands, such as drawing to inside straights with low cards or keeping two pair with one big pair and one small pair pay off only a small percentage of the time. So, play it for fun and to pass time, but I would not use their strategy playing video poker.

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On BC.game I tend to play Video poker and Egyptian Adventure the most. Video poker tends to stretch your credits the furthest out of most games.  I do feel like the video poker here has not paid me as much as the video poker at actual casinos but that is probably because I occasionally try the auto bet feature. In the past at an actual casino I've hit Royal flush and Aces with 4's' 3' 2's but that was double double bonus poker and those extra amounts help offset the losses. I once hit 4 Aces and a 4 paying $2000 then several minutes later hit 4 4's and an ace adding another $800 and then I left. I have hit only a few 4 of a kinds on the Video poker here and If I try to let it Auto bet it tends to lose. This might be partially because auto bet does not fully follow our own preferences to keep an Ace and a 10 of the same suite for instance and rather will keep only the Ace as it gives the computer more chances to hit 4 aces etc... 

One strategy that does sometimes work out here is after a long losing streak betting up can sometimes recoup all losses and put a huge gain on the books since most of the times you are betting rather low and can up your bet by even 100x your previous bets (as long as you still have enough coin for it) Now if you are playing in a regular casino always bet max to be eligible for the larger prizes allowing you to go home because as Qigong put it in star wars episode one "whenever you gamble, eventually you'll lose". Video Poker in regular casinos tends to overtime lose a lot slower than most other types of slot machines (once you get good at it) so it really works well with a reward program as you go through a ton of play and collect more payback rewards and entries into their contests. I've noticed some of the larger players at certain casinos, the ones that tend to have the most entries into contests tend to be the Video Poker Players, but as with any slot game it can be frustrating at times LOL. I figured it probably works similarly here and I tend to do better with video poker than most of the other games here and since there is some skill involved it feels better to play as well.

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