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PLAYING HI - LO: type = hand in the bet, not use the command in line / 2 x2 min max

 The rate of dots, depending on the sensitivity, choose according to the feeling, if you hit the type of thirst, then hit 1 string and then return a bucket of cold water right away, after all, it must be a lot of capital, don't be greedy.

 Don't multiply by 2 because it has a fee, you x2 up as much until you win as a loss, but if you lose, it will be considered a loss.

 eg 100 200 400 800 1600 if you go up as much until you win, then you are at a loss

 I am specific about 1.9 ie a 50/50 chance and hit x2 until he wins

 if you hit 100 (win then return 89 - lose 100)
 continue 200 to return 179 (if you win, you will gain 79 - lose a total of 300)
 400 continue to get 359 (if you win, you will lose 59 - a total loss of 700)
 continue 800 for 719 ((win 19 - lose 1500 total)
 continue 1600 to 1439 (if you win, you are losing 61 - losing 3100)

 Above me, for example, basically so for you to deduce, of course choosing another% win, the calculation is similar but with different opportunities, I want to emphasize that do not hit the multiplier 2 and should type = hand on the level  bet,

 choose the right rate, I say a simple ratio 1 - 2 - 5 by 5 times, calculate the total to break even

 100 wins and 89 (win, return 89 - lose 100)
 200 wins and 179 (win, 79 profit - lose 300 total)
 500 wins, returns 450 (if you win, you will win 150 - lose 800 in total)
 If you win 1000, you get 900 (if you win, you get 100 profit - you lose 1800 total)
 2000 wins, returns 1800 (if you win, you will break even since the beginning of the game - lose 3800 in total)

 Above, I just suggested the basic bet as above so that people can figure out how to choose the right odds, but I did not say straightforward how to choose the odds and how to choose, such suggestion is also  It's ok, and of course also based on the appropriate algorithm, it basically only calculates it automatically, choose it to calculate wrong then you will benefit.

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