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Forgot to introduce myself...


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Hello all! I joined BCG I'm December 2020 but didn't really start playing until a little over a month ago.

Amongst the crypto gaming sites I've played on, BCG is by favorite. I want to play on a site that is truly probably fair. I feel BCG does a good job regarding provability but could do a little better (transparency on the server seed selection).

When I have a better than average day, I ALWAYS make it rain and give tips. I feel doing this helps make the site more fun and exciting for everyone. PhixitPhil, whom I regard as the best rain master on BCG, inspired me to spread the love when I have good days.

I'm working on sending people to the site, I have 3 referrals but plan to step it up soon. I want to see BCG continue to become successful and continue moving up the VIP latter.


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