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Heed my warning


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This site is officially rigged now, I am a programmer and I know how the algorithm works here. I had suspicions it was tweaked last week when a player on here made a post about losing insane amounts of times in a row on 50/50 odds well over 44 times in a row which mathematically is 1 in a near 10-20 trillion. The algorithm shifts the provably fair way into their favor now by my calculations over 10%. This site is unregulated therefore they can cheat at will and steal from players. I filed a report with the organization who keep tabs on shady sites like this one. If the site would be legitimate I would have no issue with a genuine play but I know how you wait for big bets then change the hash generation via the bot. I can tell the seed hash was tweaked and you guys are using a tracking bot to stop players who win from winning big after. Do not play on here because you will lose once the bot catches onto you. You will not understand this without proper programming knowledge. I made a few BTC off here and I tested it with .10 back and you got your .10 back but no more. I will be retiring my account on here just like luckygames you got greedy and are stealing from players now with rigged scripts. You stole a few Monero from me as well with your URL glitch on crash you refuse to fix. Once the report is filed I will be glad to see this site shut down for stealing from players and not following regulatory guidelines. You lost a big player and customer by being scammy. For those who think I am lying, you have that right to keep trying but you will lose that is a guarantee. Learn programming then you will see the scam seed hash they are running. Also a FYI offering interest without proper measure in place to stop money laundering and allowing people to potentially money laundering is a crime as well I will be reporting. Had you been fair this wouldn’t be the case but no and even if you refunded my coins I could care less. I have had it with the crooks making these sketchy sites and stealing from players.

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